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At La Tigra Rainforest Lodge, our story is woven with a passion for environ- mental protection and a deep love for nature, creating an unparalleled haven for those seeking lodging near La Fortuna. Located just a few miles outside the charming town of La Tigra, San Carlos, and a scenic 30-minute drive from the renowned Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna Town, we offer an oasis where your stay becomes an eco-conscious adventure.

Our lodge stands apart with a unique concept —ten tent cabins gracefully perched on raised platforms, nestled within the enchanting tropical rainfo- rest on the fringes of the celebrated Children’s Eternal Rainforest, Central America’s largest private reserve.

Beyond the conventional, we are a sanctuary of environmental conserva-tion, where each guest becomes a steward of nature, understanding the significance of conservation efforts.

Caminata en el Bosque
Tienda regular La tigra para vista hermosa

Our Commitment Extends Further

Reaching out to the San Jorge de la Roca Elementary School, situated next to our property. We not only provide job opportunities for the community but also practice sustainable construction — all wood and materials harves-ted through a meticulously planned, controlled felling on our property spanning over two decades.

More than just a charming place to stay, we are a tapestry of purpose and commitment. La Tigra Rainforest Lodge provides the idyllic setting to enjoy your vacation, connecting with nature amidst the tropical rainforest.


To offer each client a direct contact with nature, in a tranquil, relaxing environment with privacy, comfort, and personalized service.


To be a model lodging service, promoting conservation, rational use of the natural resources, and environmental education.

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